New Work

New Work


Seke is currently researching a new group choreography looking at ghosts and haunted houses as a metaphor for how histories of slavery and colonialism haunt the present.


In September 2020 Seke is undertaking a residency as part of Choreodrome 2020 at The Place, joined by a group of 5 dancers - Natifah White, Rose Sall Sao, Rhys Dennis, Alethia Antonia, and Adrienne Ming; and dramaturg Charlie Ashwell.


Previous research residencies have taken place at Battersea Arts Centre, Wainsgate Dances and Chats Palace during 2019.




"Horror-graphic: Colonial Ghosts, Haunted Futures and Phantom Dances"

25th August 2020, 10-11:30 am

Online workshop via Zoom - part of Mono Makers Month, with The Mono Box.

Click here for more information (scroll down to Week 4).


Seke also led a "Horror-graphic" workshop at Wainsgate Dances in 2019.


Click here for a video interview with Charlie Morrissey, from Wainsgate, about the research.




Below is a reading of a choreographic score, written as part of Seke's research, which was included in the online symposium 'Proximity: new directions in art and social repair', organised by Migrant Artists Mutual Aid.


Image above: Charlie Morrissey


seke screaming